Why is Deadpool so gosh darn successful?

Deadpool, the 2016 fast paces marvel movie which has already become a cult classic. Wade Wilson, played by the devastatingly handsome Ryan Reynolds, has stage four cancer and out desperation to save his lover, Vanessa (played by the beautiful Morena Baccarin), from pain he decides to agree to an experiment which will leave him with accelerated healing powers but also a horrifically scared face. This might seem like a familiar marvel plot line (think Thing from Fantastic Four) but it’s talented and experienced writers (Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick) guide the film away from cliché and into immortality in film history. They create one line zingers which are now embedded in their viewers brains, my favourite of which is ‘You might wonder why the red suit; it’s so my enemies can’t see me bleed… this guy has the right idea, he’s wearing brown’. They create a touching relationship between Wade and Vanessa and so, after just a few short minutes of seeing their relationship the audience is convinced that not only is she the only woman who could handle him, he is the only man who has a hope of handling her. In short their respective weirdness is perfectly suited to each other and so we genuinely care about their relationship.
The supporting cast of the likes of Briana Hildebrand and Karan Soni also add relief to Ryan Reynolds mercilessly morbid humour through sarcasm and an innocent voice in the vulgarity respectively. They allow a pause in the films relentless action to deliver less soul twisting laughs than Deadpool himself creates.

In addition Deadpool manages to poke fun at its own status in the comic book movie world and so , By being self-conscious of the multiple other comic book movies which have been released Deadpool manages to attain originality and humour. This can be seen when Ryan Reynold’s short lived and disastrous career as Green Lantern back in 2011 is referenced and made fun off.
However the most wonderful thing about Deadpool is that it successfully resists being put in a film category. As the voice of Wade Wilson ominously announces at the start of the film ‘this is not a romantic movie’, but it is also not purely a comedy movie, or an action movie, it creates it’s own medley of genres which, in my opinion, is the reason for it’s incredible success. Indeed since its release it has generated more than $363 million of revenue, but, more importantly, it has attained complete notoriety in not just the world of marvel but the world of film in general.


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