Fifty Shades of romanticising domestic abuse

When you thought Fifty Shades of Grey couldn’t be anymore sexist Fifty Shades Darker’s “inner-goddess tangoes” (Fifty Shades of Grey, 2011) onto our screen. The previous film ended on a surprisingly empowering note where Anna rejects Christian and decides to be on her own as she realises that their relationship is not healthy. However within… Continue reading Fifty Shades of romanticising domestic abuse


Every girl loves a bad boy, and Ferris Bueller has that in spades

Ferris Bueller is every girl’s dream and every father’s worst nightmare.  He is charming, enigmatic and a bad boy with a nice face. The film traces his adventures through one day in 80’s America as he skips school with his best friend Cameron and girlfriend, Sloane. However, unlike most teenagers who use sick days as… Continue reading Every girl loves a bad boy, and Ferris Bueller has that in spades

Why is Deadpool so gosh darn successful?

Deadpool, the 2016 fast paces marvel movie which has already become a cult classic. Wade Wilson, played by the devastatingly handsome Ryan Reynolds, has stage four cancer and out desperation to save his lover, Vanessa (played by the beautiful Morena Baccarin), from pain he decides to agree to an experiment which will leave him with… Continue reading Why is Deadpool so gosh darn successful?